Monthly Archives: March 2013


Greetings, new friend!

Technically, I’ve already written this post once.  Then I fiddled and futzed with my new hosting and attempted to get multiple sites published through the same account, and…er…deleted everything!  Haaa…

I used to design sites – simple ones, to be sure – from scratch.  In HTML.  Then I upgraded to FrontPage.  And then I got out of RP circles, and no longer had a need to keep up the skills.  I’ve obviously been away a loooong time. 😛

But!  Here I am, and here you are.

This is my new semi-personal, semi-professional home on the web.  I will tell you more about myself later.  For now, know that you can expect a little on the writing life, and a lot of reviews.  Movies, games, books, tv – it’s all stuff I love!  Chances are high you’ll also find posts about culture, women’s issues, history, science, archaeology, technology, geeks, and anything else that strikes my fancy. 🙂

Pull up a tuffet and get comfy!

(Quick preview: I’ve got a post coming about “Borderlands” – I know it’s a little behind the times, but it’s new to me!)