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Pre-Summer Update

I’ve been promising updates, exciting information, and reasons to check back…and none of it’s happened.  Many humble, tummy-to-floor prostrations for my silence!  Life got stressful, as it’s wont to do.  We had to decide if it was worth it to move (it’s not) and then figure out how we’re going to pay for our rather ridiculously expensive apartment.  Which means I’ve been searching for a day job.  I found one that is *perfect* for me, so fingers crossed and happy thoughts for me that I get an interview.  Because otherwise, I’m about two breaths away from applying at Chick-fil-a.  (Not to knock them; they are a FINE, TASTY emporium of savory chicken…we eat there way too often.  But I’d really like to make more than minimum wage…ah, to dream!)

The awesome thing about not moving means that we’ve turned our now-vacant third bedroom into an office for me to write in.  It’s doing double-awesome duty because I now have room to work AND my son has room to play Hundred Lego Pick-Up at the same time.  Except I’ve discovered my office chair is absolutely HORRID, and largely responsible for A) my shoulder issues and B) my neck problems (and possibly C) my lower extremity circulation troubles).  I’d love an ergonomic chair (heck, so long as I’m dreaming, what I REALLY want is one of these spectacular Zero Gravity Workstations…), but they’re pricey.  I should probably get a new desk, too.  As it is, I’m making do with my old, crumbling desk, my cheap new monitor raised on a pair of old bed blocks, and my exercise ball.  I just read that sitting on a ball for too long can put undo strain on your lower back (more than simply sitting in a chair, even), but I guess we’ll deal with that when we come to it.  Right now, the only problem I’m worried about is how to type comfortably and remain in the same place.  Typing comfortably means holding the keyboard on my lap, but then I come close to dropping the keyboard all the time and falling off the ball.  Remaining stationary means leaving the keyboard on the tray but makes my back and shoulder ache before too long.  Ah, the woes of a modern writer!

I’ve still got some big news coming, but I decided to hold off until I knew more about it and was ready to do a full reveal.  Or at least close to.  The change of venue plus futzing with my setup plus all the stress of finding a job means I’m having a killer case of writer’s block.  It doesn’t matter what I try to work on – and I’ve tried lots of options.  I can’t get ANYWHERE with ANY of it.  Practical, day-side me says I should stop worrying about it and focus on getting a job, paying the bills, figuring out daycare, blah blah blah.  Creative-side me says, “Don’t you dare!  You can’t just publish a book and give up!”  Unfortunately, they’re both right.  I have yet to determine how to reconcile this conundrum.

Rest assured I’m TRYING.  I really am doing my best.  I’ve sworn off Facebook and computer games for all of June in the hopes it helps me concentrate.  I’ve resolved to blog at least once a week.  And I’m going to try REALLY HARD to balance my fitness needs with my writing needs (there’s never enough brain power in the day, it seems).  Come hell or high water (or extreme heat, as is looking might be the case right now), I will have a story to talk about come July!

Here’s a jumble of possibilities, just to give you a glimpse at my plate:

The Shot Heard ‘Round the Planet: A tale of Colony 1 (13 Colonies, sci-fi) – I’ve been working (and subsequently stuck) on this for what feels like FOREVER.
Secret, Unnamed Project (Paranormal YA/NA) – This is the one I started a month or two ago to give me some fun outlet while stuck on Shot.  Except I’m now stuck on this one, too.
Gryphon’s Overture Rewrite (Steampunk Romantic Fantasy) – This is my Kickstarter project…the one I realized needed a complete rewrite from beginning to end before I can ever consider running the Kickstarter. (That was a very sad day.)
Unnamed Traditional Project (Urban Fantasy) – I started this one two years ago, and I LOVE it.  But it also doesn’t contribute to my indie career, soooo…  (Plus, my long-time friend, Kathryn St. John-Shin, is working on a Greek-mythology-based traditional novel right now, and I don’t want to cross wires.  It kills me that she won’t let me read it.  Argh!  But I suppose that’s best…for now…at least until I come up with some mastermind scheme to snatch it from her clutches…)  I still get caught up in the protag’s succubus call from time to time, though.
And of course, there’s Celluloid Files.  I should really do a post regarding its status, shouldn’t I?  Slacker, Girly, slacker!

So that’s where I stand right now.  A little dazed, a lot confused, and just plain stuck.  But looking forward to (hopefully) getting a lot done in the bright, sunshiney months ahead!

If you have any questions, please do leave a comment and ask them – I’m gonna need content for future posts. 🙂