Monthly Archives: January 2015

Bad Blogger

I’m such a slacker when it comes to blogging. A large portion of this is due to the fact that I have two wordpress accounts – one personal, one professional. I do all my reading and commenting with the personal one, so I leave it signed in. And it takes so much, you know, effort to sign out and sign back in. And then I have to remember two names and two passwords (which, given how many tries it took this time before I figured out I was using the wrong name, is…you know…apparently too much for my brain). Seriously, it’s a pain.

Which probably means that I will shift and spin and cavort and come up with a new structure that allows me to be everywhere I want to be with the smallest drain on my sheer laziness. Like, I dunno…writing my info on a sticky note. Or something.

But! I’ve had some good stuff percolating in my brain. All the predictions for the state of indie publishing in 2015 point to an increased focus on craft and quality, and it just so happens I have experience in that! I may be pretty new to the indie game, but I played in the traditional league for eight years. Not that I ever hit a home run or won the World Series or whatever baseball metaphor you want to use for selling a novel, but the skills are still there! So if I can get my daily life organized into some general semblance of, well, organization, I will maybe possibly perhaps start some kind of weekly series on story craft. (Which reminds me – I should do a post on my origin story, shouldn’t I? Hrm.)

I also need to do a post or two on my recent project, my plan for 2015, and all kinds of things I’ve been composing in my head but never while in front of the computer. At the least. To, you know, establish some kind of centralized internet presence like my author plan clearly stated two years ago (I’m on top of things, obviously).

This post’s purpose is mostly for me – to give myself a stern talking to and perhaps remind my subconscious to save space for blog posts when it’s scheduling my day. And also to publicly (such as it is, without visitors 😀 ) state my intention to blog more in 2015. I used to be a blog addict. Now, I’m lucky if I manage two a month across…oh, scads of blogs and journals and notes and blah blah blah (this social media thing really spreads a person thin!). So that’s my goal – to actually start building my home base, regardless of whatever else is going on.

Right now, I’m trying to make sense of a daily life involving being a work-at-home mother of a preschooler with special needs, a contract dialogue writer with no set schedule except to expect a fast turn-around demand when the work finally comes in, working up to being a full-time writer, and dealing with the daily grind of being a functional adult with a family and a tower of boxes that need sorting where the dining room should be. It’s very…boring. And yet somehow, it’s also exhausting. (Oh, and there’s that whole “get healthy, get fit” thing that I’m supposed to be doing, too.) Somewhere in there, I should be able to carve out 30 minutes to write a weekly blog post. Just gotta find the right precision blade…