EarthGirly (“Holly”) technically crafted stories before she could read. She got most of her “million bad words” out while roleplaying in a fantasy romance setting where most of the melodrama occurred between players instead of on the screen. Though she originally went to school to learn the proper way to analyze groups of words strung together in a fancy fashion, she ditched it to pursue the glamorous academics of digging in the dirt. She has a degree in Anthropology that took her nearly a decade to finish; a husband with a film addiction who keeps her apprised of all the latest story fashions; and a boy obsessed with dinosaurs/dragons. Between loads of laundry and dishes, she has dreams of spare time that she would undoubtedly use to learn to tango.

She also wrote dialogue for the mobile game, “Tales of Honor,” based on David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. (The first step on the path to fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a crazy-wealthy holowriter.)

Currently, she writes contemporary fantasy under the name Grace McGuiness and ya paranormal as Dagny Darkwood.


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