Dagny Darkwood

~* Paranormal Young Adult *~

The Eternals Serial

Book 1: Eternally Born

SourSixteenfinal   Anastazia DeWitt is a totally normal girl living a totally normal life. Homework, hanging out, crushing on boys…and then comes her sixteenth birthday and an accident she can’t remember. Afterward, nothing is the same. Her regular life is falling apart left and right…but that’s nothing compared to the monsters. Not just nice little things that hide in closets, oh no. We’re talking giant, man-eating, mall-devouring beasts that nobody else can see. Nobody but Stazi and her dream boy, Ethan, that is. All Stazi wants is her normal life back (preferably with the addition of a dark and dreamy boyEBhalfBoxfriend). She’s going to have to settle for survival, though, because she doesn’t know it yet, but the Fates have a different path laid out for her. One she’s walked a hundred times before. Except this time, everything is different. This time, if Stazi isn’t careful, she’ll destroy it all. And it’s pretty darn hard to be careful when no one will tell you what’s going on…

Part I (Issues 1-5) is now available on Amazon


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