2018 Stats

Happy New Year!

I mostly took December off from writing. It was an important holiday season to get right for me (lots of firsts, both good and hard, this year), so I feel no guilt over it. EXCEPT for the fact that if I had written a little bit here and there, 2018 would have been my most productive year ever. ARGH!

Words written: 200,796 (honestly, I’m sure it’s more than that and I simply forgot to log everything, but…c’est la vie)
 Best words written previously: 202,620 (2015)

Books completed: 2
Books published: 0
Number of countries where my books have sold: 4 (US, Canada, UK, Germany)
Income from books: $20.15
Amount spent on publishing-related things: $950
Career re-evaluations: 7
Massive life changes weathered: 2
Major health concerns battled: 3
Trips to the ER: 2 
Trips to Disneyland: 1
Family drama survived: Number does not compute
New books planned: 12

Despite my lack of income, this has been an enormously good year. I made changes that needed making, finally set my feet on a path (how uncomfortable and weird that feels after so many years in the air!), came to some decisions, rediscovered my resolve, and seriously leveled up my resiliency, self-care, time management, consistency, emotional stability, and on and on.

Onward to 2019!
May it be glorious, messy, joyful, human, and delightfully eccentric. ❤

What are your life stats for the year?


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