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Wait…What Month Is It?

This summer has been a pain, both literally and figuratively.  After spending the first three-ish weeks in June sick, I sprained my right ankle.  Just as I recovered from that, I sprained my left ankle.  Clearly, my body is trying to tell me something.  😛

In contrast, I spent the first week of July (in between sprains) writing a tv pilot.  I doubt it will ever, ever, ever get produced, but someday I may turn it into a book series.  In fact, that was my original intention – books first, show later.  It just randomly happened that I needed exactly that sort of script (military sci-fi) to apply to my dream day job.  So I churned it out in a week.

I haven’t had that much fun writing in…goodness, I don’t even remember!  Scripts are so very different from prose.  Harder in a lot of ways, simpler in others.  Extra hard on the ego, if one is used to writing prose.  (I would spend 8 hours a day on it and net a total of about 2000 words. Oh, the agony!)  But I discovered that casting my characters made them instantly more alive when they landed on the page.  This has been true in the past, too – in my first completed manuscript, I based the villain on Jason Isaac’s portrayal of Lucius Malfoy.  I loved writing the character and never lost touch with his appearance or his voice.  The voice, really, is what makes it easy.  And in a script, the characters ONLY talk.  If they’re not saying it or showing it, it doesn’t get written.  That was the beautifully challenging part.  It made me pick up scenes and flip them around in my head to figure out how best to convey important information.

Fun, fun, fun!

That fun – and the habit of writing almost every night until 4am – brought energy back to my creative brain.  It REALLY needed a boost!  This was an awesome way to get it. 😀

I think I’ve finally decided on a direction.  I’m not going to tell you what that direction is quite yet, but it feels good to have my head on straight.  Backwards was really giving my neck a crick. 😉

Look for updates soon, and follow me on Twitter for more in-the-moment tidbits.


Vicarious Living and Me

For years, my dad has told me that I really need to watch Eureka.  Several times I tried.  I really did.  I just couldn’t get into it.  The wheres and whys and whatnots will be in another post.  One that’s actually a show review.  (Soon as I finish the final season!)  I finally managed to get beyond the first couple of episodes, and I was hooked.  Just like my dad said I would be.

Now, so we’re clear, I’m a geek.  And a nerd.  And I love sci-fi shows that are witty and charming and quirky, all of which Eureka is.  I also love Wil Wheaton (as an actor…really…) and Felicia Day, both of whom helped populate the town of Eureka.  Felicia Day now holds an extra special place in my heart.  Her character is an overly rambly, socially awkward, adorkable loner who’s also bubbly and warm and charming, in her own way.  She is, in essence, me.  We even share the same first name.  (Ignoring the rocket scientist part.  Shhh!)  I may be the quiet version, but it’s seriously like they made me, on screen, in a town that is awesome and crazy.  (At one point, she’s told her answer to a question is sufficient. But the monitor connected to her thoughts continues flashing through more she’s thinking about saying.  “I’m trying to stop,” she says.  “Really.”  The idea of that monitor weirds out my brain for just that reason.  I would scare people the exact same way.  LOVE it!)  Dr. Marten is the love interest of one of the main characters and his rival.  The rival is played by Wil Wheaton.  Awesomesauce?  You betcha!  I was telling my sister all about it, and then we adjourned for dinner.

The following conversation just happened:

Me (shouting from the other room): SISTER!
Sister: Yes?
Me: They just KILLED ME!
Sister: Of course they did.
Me: I am dead!  I was so awesome, and brilliant, and I am dead!
Sister: Aw, that’s too bad.
Me: They killed me because I was too smart for my own good.
Sister: That’s because you are.
Me: {Heavy sigh.}
Sister: Hey, look on the bright side.  At least Wil Wheaton fought over you.  That’s something!
Me: …Yes…it is.

It’s the little things in life you cherish. ;D