Making Sense of the Mess

I keep trying – and failing – to write this silly book. I’ve never written a sequel before, so it’s new territory for me. Exciting, yes, but also daunting. The glorious rush of discovery as I flesh out the basics of the world and my main characters isn’t here. Instead, I’m faced with adding to the existing world, deepening character backgrounds, and complicating relationships. It’s…weird. Not bad…just…different. These are untried muscles I must learn to use on the fly.kimd of like being thrown out of a comfy nest and facing the on-rushing ground…

I finally managed to sit down and force myself to get the basic flow of the plot down. It looks like this: 

Still kind of a mess. The middle green section there is pretty much a lot of placeholders for actual scenes. Full of vagueries like “Rejects Summer” and “Fights magic with magic.” This was a problem with the first one, too. One of these days, I need to learn to nail down my scenes at this stage. But this is not that day! Then again, if I knew what magic she was going to do….well, that would just spoil the surprise for myself, wouldn’t it? And then where would the fun be?


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  1. lol At least you have your ideas on different colored post-its. Mine are a jumble in a notebook. I write some in, cross some out, put in more, take out everything, start over. ^_^; hahaha Sequels are exciting! And daunting, true. So very very daunting. You’re starting over but not starting over. You’ll get it though and the sequel will be even better than the 1st! 😀 No pressure. 😉 lol


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