I’ll Be BEGGARed

So sorry, readers, that I didn’t pop in on Monday to check in with my challenge!  Bad EarthGirly!  The holidays got the better of me, apparently.  But that gave you a few extra days to work, right, so you now have your list?  Here’s mine.  Feel free to use as you’d like!

Story Ideas:

1. A little girl discovers fairies living in her Christmas tree.
2. The protagonist must trek to a giant, forgotten castle to gain the help of an ancient, long-sleeping vampire.
3. An agreement to go on a blind date leads to a woman’s involvement with a darker world than she knew existed.
4. That old Christmas ornament isn’t actually an ornament; it’s a little pocket of time-space in which a forgotten relative trapped his nemesis/love/magic in for safe-keeping.
5. A modern retelling of the Swan Princess.
6. For some people, “geeking out” comes with magic that causes a whole heap of trouble.
7. A girl falls in love with the boy in a strange, centuries-old portrait in her great-uncle’s house, only to meet the boy on her 18th birthday.
8. The apocalypse arrives, but it’s not what’s expected.  As told through the eyes of several different – but connected – groups of survivors.

I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours!
I’ll be back on Monday with a new challenge.


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