Twitter Challenge

My plan to spend this month writing has crashed and burned.  Miserably.  I am therefore handing myself a parachute and a flame retardant suit to salvage my month.  Parachute: a new story.  Anti-burn suit: a challenge.

Will these two things offer me greater motivation?  Will they pave the way to greater glory?  A better routine?  Stellar consistency?  No idea.  But we’re gonna find out!

Today, I’m issuing myself a challenge.

Every day, I will post once (minimum) to my Twitter account (@TheEarthGirly) to update my monthly tally.  The Twitterverse can then lament, cheer, or ridicule as they will.  This will hopefully provide me with accountability that comes with just enough pressure that I’ll be truthful and not pad my state-of-writing for the day.  (Yes, I let myself count stuff I shouldn’t when it’s a “write or not” option.  Never numbers, ’cause that would be cheating, but a general, “Sure, I wrote today,” when I’m referring to blogs or notes or just general stuff.  It’s the guilt of slackerdom, and I’m working to slay it.)

I’m only allowed to count new words.  On a STORY.  My original intention was to spend February on rewrites of Gryphon’s Overture so I could run the kickstarter next month.  But the more I thought about ways to improve it, ways it needs to be improved, the more I realized I should start from scratch.  And that’s a MUCH bigger project than I’m prepared to tackle right now.  Instead, I’ve come up with a whole new story idea just for fun.  Something to plink away at without pressure, without worrying about what it’s going to do for me (and therefore what it has to do for me).  Something to use to rebuild a daily (or close to) writing habit so that I can learn how to write when I have to instead of when the stars of our household cosmically align (so, like, never).  It’s a fun idea.  YA paranormal.  Part of me wants to serialize it, part of me wants to not worry about that kind of schedule.  For this month, though, I’m just going to write it and worry about the publishing side later (if ever).

To win this challenge, I have to tweet on 13 of the 15 days remaining in February and write new words on at least 10 of them.

When I win, I get two more weeks to play in this world before I have to go be a responsible adult and find a day job.

Come cheer me on @TheEarthGirly!


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