Cover Reveal: Reluctant Godmother #2!

Ohmigosh. I am SO BEHIND in updating! What can I say – life happened. Ain’t that always the way?

Since I’ve been a bad blogger, I’m going to make up for it with a cover reveal. Finally, I won’t have to squee over this beauty in private anymore! Woohoo!

Are you sure?


Isn’t it pretty?? The folks at Deranged Doctor Design are awesome!

A Wand a Day is a little darker, a little more outdoorsy (yay, Colorado Rockies!), and involves…well, I’ll let you guess which fairy tale princess-geek Tessa has to help to a happily ever after. ❤

(And if you can’t wait, go play my interactive story featuring a new side character from A Wand a Day: So You Want to Be a Fairy Godmother!)


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  1. Ugh. You’re behind? Well that makes two of us. I saw this in my feed back in February some days after you posted it and I thought, “I’ll read it later today.” Then almost a month passes with me never getting on WordPress so I completely forgot. >_< I'm so sorry!! The cover is awesome! 😀 How's the story coming along? Getting ready for a release sometime soon? By the way, have you reviewed my books? *hint hint nudge nudge*


    • Whoops! Looks like we’re both a month behind. ^_^
      The story is…progressing, I suppose. I should do an update post.
      And no, I haven’t reviewed your books. I just started Night’s Treasure, but I haven’t been reading much. Like at all. For…erm…way longer than I want to admit. >.> Going to try to correct that soon, though! And rest assured, I will review it when I’m done. 😀

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