Coming Soon: The Celluloid Files

Once upon a time, I fell into the Land of Frustration.  I’d been trying to publish traditionally for six or seven years, and though I was drawing closer to a deal with every attempt, I was getting more and more discouraged.  I hadn’t yet discovered the possibilities of self-publishing, so all I knew was that the internet was an untapped market.  I wanted people to be able to read my writing (to share the fun!), and that was more important than any money I might make off of it someday.  I decided, after much brainstorming, that I would present a story on Facebook in multiple parts.  But what would make a fun, entertaining story?  The answer was simple: Write the story that’s been dashing through my head for years, starring silly, over-the-top versions of a group of my old coworkers.  Many of us speak fondly on all the shenanigans of the theatre days.  Many of us married people we met there.  Some of us formed lifelong friendships.  I thought they would get a kick out of reading it, and I would certainly enjoy writing it.

But then I got into IP rights, Facebook policy, and other creativity-eating problems.  Like, what if the people I was going to write about got upset?  What if, in my quest for a good story, I hurt people’s feelings?  Somebody has to be a villain, after all.  The names are changed.  The personalities are specific, but blown up, far outside of reality.  Would that be enough?  Or would I be setting myself up for a lawsuit before I even got my career started?  Not really something I wanted to do.

So I erred on the side of caution and put it away.  All for the better, really, because I came up with the idea for the 13 Colonies to fill the sudden gap.

But then last weekend, a few vocal old friends talked me into posting their characters’ introductions.  In reading them, I discovered how sheerly awesome the story had been.  The voice was…well, it was good.  My stylistic choices show evidence of the evolution to One For All, but they’re lighter, more reminiscent of younger me.  I loved it.  I suddenly remembered why I was so excited about writing it.  And, after posting those snippets, I was reminded of why I was so excited to share it.  Because those vocal old friends loved it, too.  And suddenly, my brain was alight with exultant brainstorming to make this happen.  I called back from memory the original plan, the vague plot of the story (which I only got about two chapters into writing), and realized just how awesome it could be, right now.  So I polled the friends who would be in it, and within two hours I had a majority vote for “DO IT!”  Since then, the outpouring of excitement and camaraderie has been…well, kind of flooring.  I’m actually kind of awestruck and pretty darn inspired.  😀  Now I just have to find what I did with my notes (which, in the mess of boxes, bags, and plastic tubs I currently call a home, is easier said than done)…

Without further ado, I am pleased to announce:

The Celluloid Files

When Annika Ambray inherits her aunt’s fortune, she doesn’t expect a million dollars.  But earning it might not be worth the trouble, despite her aunt’s wishes.  The town she’s been charged to save is more like the shadow of a long-forgotten Hollywood movie, and the people in it are just as strange and eccentric as her aunt.  Apparently, they also have just as many secrets.
Annika has a year to breathe life back into Meadowhaven,
and the residents aren’t going to make her job easy.

Coming Soon!
Join the cast and crew of The Celluloid Files
each Friday, right here on my blog!

(Release Date TBA.)


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